Earn-a-Bike/Job Training programs for underserved, at-risk youth

Trips for Kids
Grant Amount: 

This grant will support the Earn-a-Bike/Job Training program for underserved at-risk youth. Youth learn all aspects of bike mechanics in an after-school program, and earn a bike in the process.

The purpose of the grant is "Supplying opportunities to learn valuable job skills and earn a bike, raising self-esteem, and offering healthy alternatives to damaging lifestyle choices by providing earn-a-bike/job training programs to underserved, at-risk teens."

"Our Plan: Our Re-Cyclery Training Center, a clean and well-organized warehouse filled with bikes, parts, and tools, is open after-school, on Saturdays, and during the restless summer months. While learning valuable mechanic skills, the kids accumulate points toward a bike and components, ultimately providing them with their own well-earned means to continue exploring the outdoors. Our Earn-a-Bike Program for Outside Agencies brings groups of local young people to our warehouse facility for special classes which offer more structure than drop-in courses at the warehouse. In these workshops, the same group of kids have a set lesson plan for 10 weeks. Participants in all these of these workshops are mostly Hispanic teens, many of them immigrants or first-generation Americans.

With your help, we will work toward our following long-term goals:
• Decrease the number of youth involved in life-damaging activities.
• Provide at-risk youth with a safe place to be after school
• Prepare kids for jobs by teaching good work habits, mechanic skills, self-esteem, integrity, and responsibility
• Expose youth to the healthy benefits and pleasures of exercise

Towards these goals, our Re-Cyclery earn-a-bike program will achieve the following measurable objectives in 2009:
• Provide a safe place for 170 Canal District youth after school and on weekends 230 days per year at our San Rafael workshop
• Lead at least 65 bike repair classes for young people beyond our drop-in bike workshop
• Prepare 230 kids for jobs by teaching good work skills and ethics
• Provide low-cost bicycle repair services for the surrounding community at our Canal Re-Cyclery workshop"

"All the youth that participate in our programs are low-income, inner-city, or otherwise at-risk girls and boys ages 10-17. Last year, we served 210 at-risk kids in our earn-a-bike/job-training workshops. The youth came from Marin County and were a cultural mix of 94% Hispanic, 2% African-American, and 4% White. "

Community Served: 
General Community Organization