Leadership Training Program

Grant Amount: 

This grant will support a leadership training program for teens that have been in the criminal justice system. Teens provide 2,000 hours of community service over a year and provide legal education to middle school students. The program is based in Santa Clara County.

"The Leadership Training Program provides youth with the support that they need to transform from delinquent youth into positive community leaders. It has two main components, Leadership Training and Mentoring/Case Management. Leadership Training, begins with a three-day retreat in leadership, and community activism. When youth return from the retreat, they meet monthly in small groups to implement volunteer projects.

Youth provide over 2,000 hours of service, reaching 2,500 people a year. Their projects have included: Serving food at homeless shelters; building/maintaining a garden at a local inner city park that hosts elementary students to educate them on agriculture and environmentalism; and helping teach our law-related education course to at-risk youth. Youth also present to over 500 middle school students a year about the effects of drugs, violence, and crime.

Second, each youth is assigned a mentor/case manager who does a comprehensive intake and assessment and then designs an action plan for goals in education, vocation, family, health, life skills, and completion of probation. The mentors work with the youth bi-weekly to provide support for achieving those goals. The mentors are on call for the youth 24 hours a day. Mentors also plan and run group events to expose youth to natural forms of adrenaline to promote sobriety while building a positive support group.

Youth in the Leadership Program are required to participate in the program for one year, but many desire and need to continue in the program for two to three years to ensure they graduate from high school and are successful with their transition into college, trade school, or the work force."

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General Community Organization