Nomad Foundation

The nomadic Wodaabe and Tuareg tribes, scattered across the Sahara, are estimated to number about 1 million of Niger's total 10 million people. These herders are the most destitute people in a country rated the absolute poorest on earth, where one in five babies die before the age of five and 77% of the population is illiterate. The nomads are difficult to locate or be served either by their own government or humanitarian organizations. The new Tamesna center will help solve this dilemma by allowing the nomads to receive care and services without surrendering their culture and way of life. The center is optimally located along the annual migration route and about one hour from the closest town of Ingal. About 30,000 nomads living in the immediate region will be served by the center providing medical care, education and training in veterinary medicine, gardening, sanitation, and environmental protection measures designed to retard desertification and improve pasture. During the annual migration hundreds of thousands of nomads pass through the area served by the center en route to mineral-rich pasture for their herds. Undoutedly, many will stop to seek care.

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