Yemin Orde Youth Village

"Yemin Orde is dedicated to giving children the highest quality care and education. Yemin Orde’s success reflects the deeply sensitive approach of the Village to the needs of adolescent survivors of trauma and displacement, many of whom have been separated from their family and are far away from their native land and culture.

With a population from around 20 different countries, Yemin Orde recognizes that affirming cultural background is critical. At Yemin Orde, everyone in the Village works toward integrating newcomers into Israeli life while respecting and celebrating each child’s native culture.

Yemin Orde Youth Village has a culture of encouraging children to pursue their talents and goals and to take on positions of leadership. Children are able to study in their native language until they are fluent enough in Hebrew to attend classes with their peers, and extra educational opportunities are available through the Village’s Learning Center Program. The concept of tikkun olam is also interwoven into the daily life of Yemin Orde with children volunteering both in and outside of the Village." (from Yemin Orde website)

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